The Simplest way to Make Money Online

In every single second of a day, it is more likely to believe that thousand millions of people lingers around the Internet doing one thing or the other
  Having known that, it is now obvious to state that it is super easy to make money from the Internet because of its hourly traffic. 
You may still wonder how?
But if you have been on the Internet maybe for an hour or more, you probably have come across series of advertisements, teaching you one thing or the other; some teaching you how to make thousands of dollars in minutes in your own comfort and convenience.
    The adverts have become so popular over the years that it has made so many people to doubt whether it is really possible to make money online (including my friends do this).
      But should you believe this fact?
The simple truth is that it is true and it is even a legit business. Though it might be hard to make bucks of dollars from the start, but there are proven ways you can earn extra income a day working from home with ease. 
        The keynote of this report is to drive home the fear that you cannot make any cent from the Internet, and encourage many whose passion is to stay around the net and make a living from it.
I have taken time to outline with details, a list of proven ways for different personality and skill type. My belief is that before reading to the end of this article, that you must surely find one or more ways that works for you.
    While some requires more work than others, so as their revenue differs. You can do a combination of tasks in order to earn more. Remember, more work means more money. But what matters most is choose what you can really do and have fun with, though they are super simple to do. Let it be something that you have passion for, and you'll watch your daily figures accelerating with a great speed.
    It could be you have read a couple of articles on this in a couple of years, without any inventive mind, but this report is going to mean a very different thing from what you've read before, so feel free to take advantage of it and take action ASAP. Do remember to share with your FaF and invite them too.
   The ways are listed below :


  While I would like to deliberate most on this means, it is likely the Simplest, yes the BEST and most common. But if your goal is to venture into blogging, you must be a good writer that likes writing. Simply because writing is one of the charms for successful blogging. Adding to my experience, it is the bed rock to all who aspire to make the net their home base for making money.
Take for instance, while blogging for money, you are more likely to come across so many people round the globe which you might even sale your physical goods to.  Is that all about a blog? Not at all.Don't worry sit back and relax let's discuss.


A blog is nothing but an Online Journal where you can write what soever you wish to, and either keep it to yourself or make it public for others to see.
It is more likely a social media, where you can post your contents and comments.
If there is anything you are passionate about, you can create a blog where you can talk about it.
      Blogging is a fun way to share your passions while learning and teaching about what you are already excited about, sometimes even making money. (which is our major concern)
  Now that you've known what a blog is, let's proceed to how to create a blog.


creating a new blog is not something tankful, it is as simple as whatever you may think of. Without further details, lets get important tips.
  Think and decide whether you are going to run a free or paid blog. Choosing a paid blog means you have to be paying certain fee for your blog to remain active and visible, without which it will be deleted.
But for the free account, you have nothing to worry about in terms of money. You can easily go here or click here to setup a free blog. The steps are very simple.
They are totally free to use and are the top blogging platform among a host of others.
If you are new to the blog sphere, I suggest you register for a free account from any of those links. Later you may then upgrade to a premium account or buy domain name and pay for hosting.
Going for a paid account at this stage (if you have not known the basic facts about blogging) is worthless and useless, in fact a waste of money. But the choice is still up to you.


Next is deciding the name of your blog, what it would be called and the address to locate it. This is very important. In fact it should be the first thing that comes to your mind.You also have to decide your niche; that's what to blog about. Choosing a niche will help you decide a very good name and address for your blog. Note that this is very important     If your niche is cake making, then you know that your blog title and address will be around cake making, it could be something like Cake Making Tips and so on. Be reminded that your blog address have to simple for easy remembrance.


Now that you are done creating your blog, it's time to write great and supper content to your blog in order to make it real and look more professional so that it can attract more traffic.
Read books about your niche and learn from professionals in your field
     Posting great contents to your blog is the most important task in blogging and perhaps the hardest, but still doable.  Make sure your blog is fully loaded with great contents before you try monetizing it. Avoid the mistakes I made
   Now is the money coming from thin air?  Now that you've fully setup your blog, it's time to know how to make money from it.


There  are various means you can monetize your blog depending on individual capabilities and interest. Though there is no method mention here to be the best, just try out for yourself and see the one that works best for you.


You may choose to install Google Ads on your blog. It is a super way of monetizing your blog. Simply create an account, as you may do it here, and this will authorise Google to place their ads on your blog so that whenever someone clicks on them, you get paid.


 Register with top companies and place their banners on your blog. Whenever prospective buyers buy from those companies through your blog, you get paid for that. You can carry out a random search to find out these companies are   You pes
1.       Keep visiting this blog for updates. Very soon we'll post a new article which will suggest to you  other simpler ways you can make money online. Enjoy your reading.

  Other Simpler Works You can do to Earn Money Online are;

  1.Design Websites for cash 

2. Write and sale Ebook

3. Do Bulk Sms Marketing

4. Logo Designing

5. Fiverr Task

6. Participate in Paid Surveys

7. Information Marketing

8. Sale Your Knowledge online

9. Do What I normally do



  This is a means of writing down what you have already known.

It  probably should be what you know how to do best, or even what you are talented, in as much as we all are blessed with different talents.

 No matter how easy and simple you think it is, you can make huge bucks from it.
This is because there are a lot of people that are looking for that simple knowledge that you have.
Therefore, you should develop your skills and knowledge and start making money.


 People who can create easily understood tutorials and can explain the things in which they have expertise, than others, can easily earn with this method.
You need to have the ability to provide detailed insights on a particular topic that you are writing on.

Provide some extraordinary tips and advice and ability to solve people's problems.

The extra information that you are going to provide is what will make you distinguishable.


      Research, research and research!
     Doing thorough research is the main duty on ebook writing.
You need not to fold your arms and legs and expect money.
If you are making a straight way to ebook, then the BEST time to start doing some research is now.
  First make a research on what you want to write about.
Research about what other people are looking for in the domain related to your e book's topic.
For example, if you are writing about cake making, look for how many people are looking for cake making.
Check how many people are asking questions on the topic you have chosen.  You can use such websites as Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers to find out these.
More questions means more people are looking for answers and that is simply a sign that you are doing well and you will succeed in your writing business.
¶  Look out for the market gaps in your selected domain.
Looking out if there is a demand for some topics is quite meaningful. See whether your ebook can Carter for the people's demand


      There are many ways of selling e book out there, but a few are listed here :

 ¶ Start a niche website or forums related to the topic of your e book and promote your e book there. As mentioned earlier, blogs and websites are the  easiest way to get in touch with the people that matters to you                                                                                                                              
Therefore, creating a blog is a very important-to-do aspect. You can read the earlier
 post on how to create a blog.

¶ Create your e book in Kindle format and sale at
 Note that this requires a little professionalism.

¶ If you have gone professional, you can create affiliation scheme and let others sale your products for you for a commission.
¶ To make more money, sale your products offline in hard copy.
Very Important : You must be a very good advertiser in order
to make more money.


 The aspect of this one is becoming more similar to owning a blog.
You can easily promote affiliatelinks and make money in diverse ways.
To be able to do this great job, You must be able to post updates regularly to your social media account. Most importantly, you must have the ability to persuade the consumers



    A lot of people are already making thousands from their social media accounts, Which includes Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and so many of others. Today Facebook is so common.
 And I want to assure you that if you are interested in this one, you can be making
dollars. Yes I'm very sure of that. But watch how it works.

    Facebook is a social media tool with over 5 million users across the globe.But it is quite unfortunate
that  only a few have benefited from this powerful tool in are
In case you don't know ;all those small ads you click on Facebook are sponsored
ads and they are paid for you clicking on them.
But what do you do to get started?
This is what you do ;
  By now you must have opened one Facebook. But in this case you need
you need to open a new Facebook account in order to look professional.

Moreover, your usual Facebook account is already flooded with your family members and
close relations, who may not contribute to your success in this business. So hurry up and
open a new Gmail account and use it to set up a new Facebook account in minutes.
It is highly recommended that you create a new account so that you may not lose
your usual account.

All your intention as a Facebook user here would be to make money. So all your contents here
would be very special and different and different from what you use to have.
    The next thing to do here would be to create a Facebook fan page where you can
post your contents and drive traffic to your blog or website.


  Now that your account is set up and ready for use, the next thing would be how to monetize
          Sit back and relax and I will explain everything you need to know about the social media
marketing for you. Absolutely free of charge. But if by the end of reading this post,
 you still find it difficult, feel free to Comment on this post and I can give you materials that can help
you the more.

¶ Look for real companies and promote their ads on your page to make money just doing

¶ Drive traffic from your fan page to your blog or website

¶ Promote your products and services and sale them offline

¶ Look for publishers network like and publish their ads on your
page, each time they are clicked, you get paid.

¶ Look for genuine paid to click sites, register with them and invite your friends and the
public and get paid

¶ register with clickbank and promote their ads and make money if anyone buys from
Your sales page.
         (* please kindly check out for  the ones that work for you.)  


For this to work for you, you must follow all instructions and carry out each step accordingly.
Some of this means may not work well for you because of your geographical location.
Therefore, to enjoy to the fullest, there is need for you to hide the IP Address of your
system or phone. I personally use for my own personal use and I assure
you, their service is outstanding. You are free to try... for free.

  I personally give out this tips so that you will not hold me accountable for your failure
after reading this article. Believe me, you'll not find such article elsewhere,
explaining in details, just for free
. . . . . . . . .  OH AMAZING. 


 To be honest with you, this is the area we are making cool cash from. If you in a tragic area,
believe me, you too would like it. It doesn't require much to Get started. You can even start
with as low as #1000, provided you have a computer system or phone with Internet
access and that's all.

         HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Messages you receives daily from Airtel Ng, MTN Ng, Glo Ng,FirstBank, Accessmoney, UBA Bank and Lacasera promo and others are all bulk sms services.


¶ Work in your boxers and under wear, just by sending messages for schools like PTA meeting and
so on and have your cash paid to you

¶ Send birthday party invitations
¶ Send church departmental meetings
¶ Burial invitation, reminder and others


   This is one of the greatest ways you can make money online doing some simple stuffs.
But many people don't know about it.
The greatest work in thisone is finding a legal survey site that would be willing to
pay you for the services that you render.

  The only setback here is the fact that the Internet is flooded with scammers and fake sites
who are hungry for your precious time and resources. So be careful and watchful when
you're dealing with a lot of Paid To Click and survey sites.

         WHAT TO BE DONE

¶All it requires is either a laptop or a smartphone with Internet access
¶ A valid email address

¶ Your time and honest opinion

With these things ready, you can then register with any survey site you wish to and then feel free to
give your honest opinion for cash. As at the time of writing this article, I'm a member of
survey Africa.


¶ Register with as many survey sites as possible to maximize your earnings
¶ Your age determines the type of survey you would receive.

Most of the survey sites may not send you surveys or you may not qualify to participate
in their offers if your age is tool small. So when registering, take heed.

¶ If you are participating with top world survey sites, you may be having problems with
disqualification and the number of survey invitation you receivedue to the geographical
location you participate from.
Unfortunately, it is only those that resides in the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom that
that enjoy this service to the fullest.

   You can overcome this geographic barrier by hiding the IP Address of your system
or phone

            Web  Design for Cash 

This is the the part I know you can earn something very reasonable. Though I'm not very good at
designing, but I know it's very profitable.


¶ You must have a good idea about graphics. And you must work hard and be willing to
show your creative ability.

¶ You must be patient and sacrifice your time and look for what satisfies consumers.

¶ A system with Internet accessand your time is mostly indispensable.

          Design Logo

A lot of people (including me) are looking for pre designed logos to beauty their blog and social
media pages. You can easily design and sale them online so cool cash.

         FIVERR TASK

     Here, every task you complete is $5. You can design logos record a video where you eat a
teaspoonful  of nutmeg, design websites, write 450  blog post...
In fact, what ever you can do, you'll get paid $5 after completing the task

      Last updated : April 27, 2016. 

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