What you need to know about Helping Hands International (h2i) and why you should join

Helping Hands International is a story that was created many years ago in the Angels City of the Philippines.
It all began with a woman called Luzvininda MacElvis.
She was a woman with a turbulent upbringing, life was tough for her until God sent her a helper.
Once she was helped and became successful, she vowed to reach out the same hand of help to orphans, widows, destitutes, the poor and every one in need. The desire and passion to help others made her to start a modest foundation called Helping Hands. She began to reach out in love to all those in need. With time she began to get support from others who saw her charity work as a noble cause that should be supported.
Then came the year 2010 when Luzviminda  met Dr.Ramiel Policarpio
Dr. Ramiel Policarpio is a dentist from Japan with experience in multi level marketing. He become the Co-founder of Helping Hands and along with the Founder and CEO Luzviminda they took the Helping Hands foundation to the next level for 3 years. They reach out to more people with the love of God through humanitarian services.
But Luzviminda MacElvis was not satisfied. She had a bigger dream: to take her passion for humanitarian service to every part of the world. But to do this required very huge fund. The only way to  pull fund together for such gargantuan dimension of humanitarian service, was to ask for  charity donation of $40 for potential help partners across the globe. It was on the basis of this that networking dimension of helping hands International was birthed. The goal in this direction was to leverage on people to harness a global pull of fund for charity work in every part of the world but especially in less developed countries of ravaged by economic hardship such as lack, hunger, starvation, deprivation, poverty etc.
Sometimes around June 2013,  Ramiel  Policarpio was in Abuja for a health conference. There he met Dr. Timothy Ejiro Odeghe an Optometrist  and a graduate of the University of Benin. They had useful discussion on the vision of helping hand.  Series of discussion flowed between the quartet of Dr. Timothy, Dr. Ramiel and Madam Luzviminda which eventually laid the groundwork for what is today known as Helping Hands International, an NGO and a global humanitarian organizations that is committed to touching lives and empowering people. Helping Hands International was launched on the global stage with a dedicated website www.helpinghandsinternational.biz on 3rd December, 2013 with a pre- launch in Lagos, Nigeria.
To pull together a global fund for humanitarian service, this unique NGOs called Helping Hands International or H2i solicit for help partners who will make a  donation of $40 for charity work and go on to recommend others to do the same for the purpose of making available more funds for humanitarian services and for doing that,  help partners are given various incentives in the form of :
¶ referral bonus
¶ matrix bonus
¶ matching bonus
¶ laptops and car incentives
¶ housing funds
¶ international trip
¶ scholarship fund
¶ empowerment services  etc.
There are 5 bouquet  of services offered by H2i.  These includes :
1. Humanitarian service
2. Trade and skill acquisition
3. Asset and property support services
4. Financial Empowerment  and
5. Scholarship award service.
Beyond creating opportunity for her help partners to have access to passive/ residual sources of income, Helping Hands International or H2i is committed to developing the capacities of her members through a robust trade and skill acquisition service that empower her members to become self reliant,  self sufficient, self fulfilled and self actualized through trainings in such skills areas as
¶ website design/development
¶ computer graphic design
¶ high quality detergent production (liquid soap and car wash)
¶ paint production
¶ fish and poultry farming
¶ bead making
¶ hat making
¶ car tracking technology
Helping Hands International is different from other MLM in terms of scope,  orientation and vision...
H2i is not the conventional network marketing company where products are sold and profit is made for both shareholders and distributors. Here we don't sell product.
¶ H2i is not a pyramid system with only few people at the top. In H2i the pyramid is turned upside down to allow for everyone to be at the top.
¶ H2i operates a system that allows for her partners to enjoy spill over and spill under benefits which is absent among other players in the industry.

¶ One of the unique selling point that makes H2i distinct and different is her touch of humanity which is a part of God's heartbeat  for humanity as succiently captured in the Holy book in the 16th verse of John chapter 3 ....For God so love... and he gave...The spirit of giving is a product of love, H2i gives, she touches people with empathy, she does the will of God : she serve humanity through her humanitarian services as service to humanity is the greatest works of life.
Every help partner is mandated to get at least 2 help partners who have to donate N6, 600 and also get at least two others who will do the same with each duplicating themselves with a minimum of person's each.

Six stages are involved 

Stage 1(Associate Member) where one is required to build a 2x2 matrix with 6 persons to move to stage 2. The maximum earnings in stage 1 is 58 dollars.

Stage 2 (Master Member) is a 2x 5 matrix with minimum earnings of 1000 dollars and a laptop/ipad.

Stage 3 (Super master) is a 2x5 matrix with minimum earnings of 3000 dollars,  a brand new Hyundai Elantra + empowerment of 2000 dollars for 2 persons recommended by you.

Stage 4 (Minister) is a 2x5 matrix with a minimum earnings of 6000 dollars,  a brand new iX35  Hyundai jeep or GAC jeep,  an asset and property support loan up to 12000 dollars,  orphanage home empowerment etc. 

Stage 5 (Prime Minister) is a 2X2 matrix with  minimum earnings of 12000 dollars, housing fund of 40000 dollars,  an elite club membership loan of 44000 dollars,  a yearly infinity bonus of 5000 dollars,children education fund of 2000 dollars and an all expense paid International trip. 

Stage 6 (Trustee) a 2x3 matrix with potential earnings of up to 100,000 dollars, a yearly International trip etc...

Welcome to a global financial opportunity. 
Welcome to real wealth with a touch of humanity.

 I want to clear the doubt of some doubting Thomas who don't believe in what they hear, but only what is seen! 
Remember that the keys to financial freedom are in your hands!! 
Some people find it difficult to believe even when they have seen, so I believe I've been able to prove beyond doubt!!! 

How to become a member of h2i and h2i plans 

send the required amount to the account details below;
ACC NAME:Godwin Akpan 
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3085406336 
BANK NAME: Firstbank Nig

08083704278, 08123555999, 09023370110

call, Sms and whatsapp chat is allowed! 

- Do your One Simple Assignment - 
Get ONLY TWO or more of your friends to become H2i Help Partner.


H2i has 5 (five) stages

- After your successful registration, you are placed on stage 1 (as an Associate Member), you are expected to inviteONLY TWO people to join you as Help Partners,(each of the them will earn you referral bonus of $8
= $16). Each of them is also expected to invite ONLY TWO people, when
this is done, you get what is called Matrix bonus of $10, = $26, then you
will be moved to Stage 2, called Master.
Note: you can still invite more people, each of which will earn you $8.

¬ Now as Master Member now in stage two, you are not necessarily
expected to invite anybody again (Although, if you so wish you can and it
will be to your advantage). So as each of your downlines (the two people
you invited and the people they invited) complete their stage 1 they will
be join you in stage 2 and you will be getting what is called Level
Completion bonus ranging from $100 - $1,000 (level 1-5).
And you well be rewarded with A Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop as an
Additional Benefit when you complete stage two. Then you will be moved
to stage 3 called Super Master.

¬ At Super Master stage, as your stage 2 members are joining you, you
will be getting Level 1-5 bonus ranging from $200 - $3,000. And when they
are completed, you will also get the following additional benefits:

¬ A Brand New Hyundai Elantra worth over $15,000.

¬ Trade & Skill Acquisition fully paid for by H2i

¬ Two recommended members of your family/friend/church members for
Humanitarian support/empowerment (Up to $1,000 each). Then you will
move to stage 4 called Minister...This is how it works:
When you donate $40 (N6600) and are registered, you'll become a member of H2i
Now because H2i  vision is to touch lives of people globally, each member is required to invite at least two people to also become members and enjoy full benefits.

After registration, you'll have an H2i account with inbuilt eWallet.

(...EWallet is where bonuses and other earnings are deposited for use by the account owner).

This account is accessible with your unique Username and password.

The more people become members in your team, the more you grow in levels and stages.

Every new member is required to do the same, and by so doing, many people will become members in the team

There are six stages:

Stage1 =Associate 
Stage2 =Master 
Stage3 =Super Master
Stage4 =Minister 
Stage5 =PrimeMinister
Stage6 =Trustee

And, there are specific bonuses and incentives, which members earn at each of these stages.

The following is a breakdown of benefits at different stages for members:

Stage 2: 
You will earn a minimum of $1000 (N165,000)
 You qualify for a brand new HP laptop or Apple Ipad worth over N120,000 
you also qualify a CUG line for limitless communication.

You get $16 referral bonus ($8 each for two people you invited). Or $48 if you referred all the 6pple in your stage1
You also get $10 matrix bonus.


You earn a total of $1000(#165,000) plus a brand new Hp Laptop

Stage 3:
You earn $3000 (N495,000) 
 You qualify a brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA (the Latest Model) worth about N4.5m.
Also you get a cheque of $1000 each for two (2) less privileged people, whom you personally recommended to H2i.

(Note: This is grant, Not a loan! And it is given non-members by H2i courtesy of you)

 You also get an international trip sponsored by H2i.

Stage 4:

You earn a total of  $6000. 
 You qualify for a brand new Hyundai ix35 jeep worth $27,000
 you will also be privileged to empower the orphanage or the disabled home.

You qualify to apply for loan of up to $12,000

You also qualify for 70% property support service. 
etc etc

Stage 5:

¬ $12,000 cash, 
¬ $40,000 housing fund,
 ¬ Education fund for 2 children 
 ¬ Elite membership loan up to $44000
¬ The infinity bonus for life & much more.

Infact, the benefits you enjoy in H2i is enormous & can't be exhausted.

As you can see, when you donate your $40, you have nothing to lose. You can only live to enjoy a life long of the touch and empowerment that H2i gives.

When you register and become a member, you're required to invite two people to also become members

Those two people you invited will have to also  invite their two. 


* H2i is legally
registered in Nigeria.
...Here is Helping Hands International CAC
number: Rc1242747.
*No buying and selling.
…how easy can that be?
*Membership with H2i is just N6600.
...both artisans and professionals can afford it.
*H2i has more tools for marketing.
*The H2i system operates in dollars, and in fixed
rate. …fluctuations in exchange rate doesn't
affect it.
*The H2i compensation plan is very attractive
(20% referral bonus.. and two other ways to
earn are matrix bonus and matching bonus)
*H2i payment system is automated and not
human calculator,
*H2i system pays instantly and not monthly
*There's No complicated rules in H2i like "you
must buy products every month" or deadline for
referring someone, etc.
*An average person will rather buy fruits than
buy foreign food supplement which are often
*H2i helps the less privileged in the society
through members.
…In stage 2, you recommend 2 persons for free
skill acquisition,
…In stage 3, you recommend two for financial
empowerment and
…In stage 4, you recommend a motherless
babies home for empowerment so you see the
money doesn't go to a foreign pharmaceutical
organisation but to indigenous countries who
use this network.
*H2i involves team work and an opportunity to
build your leadership and
business skills.
H2i business is a rebranded Network marketing
business and it's here to stay.
It is a 21st century profession that has
helped people to combine it with their careers.
In H2i, you can make it without renting of shop.
You can organise/attend seminars whenever you
chose to.
…H2i centers are everywhere in different towns
and cities in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.
In H2i, no LG council tax, no importation duties
...it is a business relationship

Want to register now? 
Send an email to godwinakpan123@gmail.com. 
  Or joeservices30@gmail.com. 
  WhatsApp: 08083704278 
  Call/Sms: 08083704278, 08123555999 
  Skype: godwinakpan123 
  2go: Moneyman 
  Facebook: Godwin Akpan 08083704278 /        www.facebook.com/agodwinjoe
What you need to know about Helping Hands International (h2i) and why you should join What you need to know about Helping Hands International (h2i) and why you should join Reviewed by Godwin Akpan on May 26, 2016 Rating: 5

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