The Problems Of Scam Websites And How To Avoid Them

Many people are still very afraid to deal online due
 to the rate of scams statistics that have been recorded over the years.
So what should we do? Should we stay away from the Internet? Should we avoid dealing online?
Definitely no!
Read below for reasons to my answer.
Whether you like it or not, the rate of Internet Business is on the increase.
Nearly every business is now done online.
Gone were the days when people traveled far away from their homes to Computer Village in Lagos just to buy one Laptop computer.
Now if you properly calculate the cost of transportation and time spent, you will understand that they were loosing big deals.
But the good news is that many things can now be done online.
You can easily shop a variety of stores and get your goods delivered to you at your doorstep in a very good price.
Now if you should compare the cost and time spent on the way to get a particular product, to that of getting the goods online, you will now believe with me that people are still loosing a great deal.
And with that, you will agree with me that the Internet is not something that we should view in a glance.
Doing stuff online sweet. Buying things online is really meaningful! It makes sense.
I mean there are simpler tasks you can perform online without leaving your home and its really helpful.
For instance your brother just called you, asking for some money. Instead of looking for a bank before sending the money to him, you can easily pick up your phone and start sending the cash to him, provided that you have some money in your bank account.
For this reason, hungry and fraudulent people have taken an advantage to defraud and exploit innocent people. What should we do to overcome this scenario? 
In this article we shall discuss ;
¶ the various ways fraudulent people use to defraud others. 
¶ how to discover scam websites 
¶ the easiest ways scammers can use to get your money from you 
¶ how to safely use the internet and avoid being duped by people. 
When I first started the internet journey, I realized that proper care have to be taken when dealing online. 
In the course of dealing online, this is what I have discovered . 


It is now well known that today there are people that are working day and night looking for people to deceive and collect their hard earned money, just like the way Satan is working tirelessly day and night looking for those he would lure into his Kingdom. 
It is very vital that we know the various ways these internet or online thieves use to steal from people. 
    Stealing people's information online: This one is becoming more rampant nowadays. Sometimes they may send some text messages or spam emails, bearing the name of your bank or other legal entities, like Google. They will now ask you for your bank information, and when once you do, these fraudsters would now start withdrawing the money you have. And from then, you may start experiencing deductions from your account which you don't know how come about. They do this with the aid of some hacked sites, specially made for that purpose.
There are also some developed technologies that may likely pop up and steal your informations when surfing the net. These advanced tools are made in such a way that they can easily capture passwords and other important informations about you or your business. This is known as cyber theft.
   Another simple but destructive way is by unexisted promises! 
Could you imagine coming across ads that promises you that you will make at least $100 in one hour doing just simple or nothing?  Some could just keep disturbing you with mails and messages if they have any link to you. 

   I call it unexisted promises because most of them do not even have access to what they preach. 
They only come out to preach and fish innocent Internet users. But at the moment they have your money, they are gone and would be no where to be found! 

More likely to that, some e-commerce
 sites could claim that they have the best quality items at cheapest prices. 
If you compare the price, you would see for sure that their prices are the cheapest. 
But when payment has been made, you can believe with me that what you get may be quite different from the original post you saw. Sometimes they may use images of costly products which they don't even have to lure people. 
Besides selling crappy goods, they may even take your money and freeze or disappear from your reach. So while dealing online, be sure of the type of sites that you are dealing with, avoid unpopular sites if you are a new user.

   More likely, websites like, efritin olx and other ecommerce sites in nigeria that allows individual to freely post their ads has created another means for fraudsters to pray on innocent internet users.
some of them are just out claiming to have one thing or the other to render to the public.some of them claim to have goods, others services that are most needed by the public, with very unusual prices.
Someone called me today from today, august 11, 2016 claiming he has a brand new infinix hot note x551 to sell at the rate of N19,000. And truly that's  the price posted on the site. But this is the same product that is not sold less than N28,000. Can you imagine that?
What made it more funny is that he told me to rush to the bank and make the payment so that he can send the phone to me. But I ask him why I should send money for something I have not even see, and that's where he ran.

My dear readers, it is true and with no doubt that today things are tough in our country financially. So beware of simple scams and fraudsters.


Scam Websites are generally used by cyber thefts to steal from people. So discovering these scam websites will be a very great way to securing your privacy. 

When surfing the net, there are some things you need to know in order to be able to assess websites for scam. 

 Check the security status: The security functionality of a website is very important. Before submitting any application or giving out personal and useful information, please check the security standards of that site. 
  For instance there are websites that have padlocks at the right top of their pages. 
That padlock shows that the website is secured and that the information you are providing are also encrypted. 
They are the sites that begins with https before the site address instead of http.

Http means hyper text transfer protocol, 
While https stands for hyper text transfer protocol secure. 
The 's' which stands for secure in the second line shows that the websites that bears that link is secured, their security standards have been confirmed and that is why they bears a padlock at the top of the page. 
 Costumer support services: do not carry out transaction with sites without Costumer support services. 
Some sites are just designed stealing. 
Costumer support services are provided by websites with 'Contact Support' buttons. 
But though some websites could have the contact support buttons integrated into their websites, they do not work. And this is the only way some websites provide for their clients to reach to them. 

If you try to send them emails, you will receive an error message saying that delivery to the recipient failed completely! 
You receive this error message because the website is not using a valid email address in order to communicate with its clients. In fact it does not have any contact support services. 
So if you are trying to buy some items or carry out some other forms of transactions, maybe rendering services for cash, avoid these types of websites because they are not real. 
You should look for websites and have full customer support services as this will be helpful in terms of making enquiries. 

 Check customer reviews: Always use websites with good customer reviews, ratings and comments! 
Reviews and comments are used to describe websites' functionality, whether good or bad. 
It's where users share their experiences with the public. Though some websites bluntly refuse to include the comments section in order to avoid users reviews, and it's usually a bad one. 
Its true also that some websites can hire people to write good reviews about it, or pay people to rate them. But when using the Internet you have to be careful. 

Check also the period of time the sites that you are about doing business with have existed for, compared to the services it claims to render.
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