Best Places To Buy Quality New And Used Goods In Nigeria At Cheap Prices

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These Are The List Of Websites To Buy Used And New Goods At Affordable Prices In Nigeria

JUMIA: This this the best shopping store to buy quality new goods in nigeria.
Jumia is noted for the great services it renders, and most interestingly, it can ship to any location in Nigeria through its partners.
Jumia have a variety of goods ranging from latest models of mobile devices, computers, mobile and computer accessories, fashion, furniture, kitchen equipments and many more.
Jumia also create opportunity for other websites to partner with them. There is also opportunity for affiliate marketing program.
As at the time of writing this post, Kaymu is the Sister Website that partners with Jumia!
Jumia have there store in Lagos and it's representative almost all over the country...
Jumia has provided employment opportunities for the average Nigerians and their recruitment is quite amazing.

  There are also other services rendered by Jumia; 
Jumia Market: a market place for selling of goods. 
Jumia Deals: giving of discounts and others. 
Jumia Food: specially meant for food stuff. 
Jumia Travel: meant for preparing visa, arraignment and booking of flight for travelers. 
All these are sub departments in Jumia corporation. 

KONGA: Konga has been noted also in Nigeria for the wonderful services it renders. It has existed for a longer time in Nigeria. It deals also in fashion, home gadget, kitchen utensils, ict and gadgets, cds and video tapes, books and lots more.They can deliver to any location in Nigeria at friendly and affordable prices.

The most important thing about them is that they deal in quality goods and not crappy.

KAYMU: Kaymu is now known as Jumia sister partner in Nigeria: It partners with Jumia to make sure it meets up to the standard of a great ecomerce website. No latest mobile phone that you will not find in Kaymu. Their goods is cheap and original and they also deliver to any location in Nigeria. In this season of sports, Kaymu plays a significant role in shipping sports gadgets like TV set, satellite cables, game pads and others to its customers To shop Kaymu, go here; kaymu market. is known as the no.1 site for used goods in Nigeria! 
I'm not affiliated to them or connected to make money from them in anyway ;... But still have to say the truth about it! 

Unlike other E_Commerce websites, jiji does not have fixed seller, neither buying directly from the administrative supports. It is individually, those who have something to sell post ads and those who wants to buy can buy directly from them)). is only a platform for bringing buyers and sellers together through out the country. Jiji does not charge it's members for posting ads and making sells, except and otherwise! 

   Though called no.1 for used goods, it does not deal only on used goods, but also deal on branded and new goods. 
Why it is more interesting is that there are many sellers from different parts of the country, hence one can easily find the perfect product he is looking for. 

¶ it is free to use 
¶ it is user friendly; with mobile app to enhance user experience 
¶ you can easily find your desired product; new or used 
¶ it is negotiations between buyers and sellers, depending on their intentions 
¶ you can post your own ads for free 
¶ you can find nice jobs 
¶ you can also get your services noticed through 

OLX: This is a platform for buying used goods also. It just came out with the view to solving the Problems of most people who wants gadgets like mobile phones, computers and other home gadgets but can't afford the new ones. 

Olx is known for its used cars. 
Other items that can be found on olx are;
¶ houses and landed properties 
¶ used cars 
¶ video and camera equipments 
¶ organization or individual services 
¶ used mobiles and gadgets. 

EFRITIN.COM: This one is more serious in connecting real and legitimate sellers to buyers. 

Efritin also sell branded and new goods which are original.
Sellers also sell cheap and affordable goods on the website. 
It tends to be more user friendly. 
The developers or support team also get the goods from the sellers send deliver to the buyer. 
Services can also be advertised on the website and you can get your business notice by those that use the website. 

Best Places To Buy Quality New And Used Goods In Nigeria At Cheap Prices Best Places To Buy Quality New And Used Goods In Nigeria At Cheap Prices Reviewed by Godwin Akpan on August 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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