How To Get Your Business Notice By People And Make Money From Them

These are a few steps on how to get your business noticed by people and start making money from it

Without exposure, no business can be run effectively.
The problem many people have is how to get their business noticed by people who may be interested in them.

If you are a beginner and really want to get your business to the top and connect with people that matters to you in other to make money ; these are few places to start.

¶ FACEBOOK: Millions of million are already using Facebook, and more people are getting into it daily.
So advertising your business isn't that hard using Facebook... Or is it???

If you don't have a Facebook account, rush now to to open your account or sign up, which I believe you have already done!

Send friend requests to as many people as possible. And stay connected with them.

Login to Facebook regularly and update your status. Buy so doing much people will see you as a serious person and would like to send friend request to you.
Accept them to stay connected!! 🌍

Buy now that you have become familiar with your friends, in a more polite way, get closer to them and try to tell them about what you are doing.
All through chat.

If you have got enough friends, it's then time to create a Facebook page.
Create a fan page with the name of your business; or with something that portrays the image of your business.
Set up your page and start advertising your business through it. Update your page regularly and invite your friends to like it.
  Always post comments that relates to your business.
  And by so doing, you'll have more prospects.

Look for Facebook groups that have products or promote services similar to yours and join
Post regular updates about your business in the group. Promotions, discounts, new arrivals and others.

¶ go online and comment on related articles and post and drop your Facebook link or website link if any

¶ use whatsapp :
Join as many groups in WhatsApp as possible and send your messages across.
Send your message also to your contact list.
WhatsApp is a very great way of getting serious minded people.

¶ post your ads on
It is very easy to create an ad on jiji.
Create a new ad, tell them what your business or service is all about. Set the price and your contact information also.
Then get ready to answer calls, as simple as that!

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