How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link

Welcome WhatsApp Users!
  Here I am going to explain the latest trends and tricks in WhatsApp
This trick would guide you in creating whatsapp group invitation link. The invitation link is for adding members into your group without Admin's permission, or the Admins doing it by themselves!
I noted some folks that recently claims that they have developed Whatsapp versions with special features as deleting sent messages.
They termed it as WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Prime and whatever.
But if you follow those links of theirs to their respective landing pages, you realize that those things are bulshit...
They are only trying to promote some useless websites for a token of peanuts... So useless and...
Here I have come up with a way forward...
  With Gb Whatsapp, you can unlock a lot of possibilities, things you cannot easily do, just by using the WhatsApp version you downloaded from the Play Store.
Now that you have note these facts, let's head straight to how to create Whatsapp Invitation Link  using Gb WhatsApp.
1. Download the latest version of the Gb WhatsApp, then install the application and launch it.
2. Create the WhatsApp Group that you want to create the invitation link., or log in to the group you have already managed.
You must be the Admin of a given group to be able to create the invitation link.
3. Select the group after it has been created and click on the group options.
4. Select group info and move down to add participants.
Choose invite with invitation link and wait few seconds for the link to screen!
Copy the link and share with your friends either through Whatsapp, Facebook Groups, Messenger or even through sms.
Participants should copy the link and paste it on their browser or click on the link directly in order to join the group.
That's that, you are done!!!
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