How To Open An Email Address

       How To Create A Gmail Account         

It is unfortunate that so many people in this digital age can't easily get things done!
Though to be honest, some people learn faster than others:-*
It is no obvious that without an email address, you can do almost nothing using your mobile phone.
I'm talking about you guys with smartphones.
And that is why I have come up with this post. Read patiently!!
The email id that I'll be discussing here is Gmail, an email account from Google Team.
Benefits Of Having A Gmail Account
¶ you would be able to send free mails to your contacts
¶ you can also use it to download and update applications from play store
¶ without a Google Account, you can't watch YouTube videos on your phone
¶ you can use your email address to create a blog or website
¶ you can use it to register and login to your Facebook account and other social media platforms
¶ you receive notification messages through email from your bank.
You see, emailing is the best and most secured means of communication and sharing files.
But some people still see it so common.
To create a Gmail Account in five (5) minutes, click here good luck friends!
B/B: you can start creating email address to your peers and friends and make some money
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