There are several added features that you can enjoy with WhatsApp, but are not embedded with the usual whatsapp app from the play store. 
As you have known, Technology is fast developing on a daily basis in order to make us fit into the contemporal society. 
As a result Gb WhatsApp has come up with this amazing features that you should not afford to miss. This includes;
1. Ability to handle two or more whatsapp accounts in one mobile phone. 
2. Ability to create group invitation link. 
3. Ability to Send large audio and video files. 
And so on... 
Read on to discover more features, from the latest to the oldest. 
Version 4.91
Base Updated to 2.16.259(Exclusive) Ability to Send Audio Clip upto 100mb instead of 16mbWhen sharing or forwarding messages, you can now send to multiple chats at onceNow you can edit picture before sendyou can send GIFUnlocked Mentions(mention anyone in the group)While recording videos, slide your finger up or down to zoom in and outA new front-facing flash helps you capture selfies in the darkAdded Option to Change Background Color of Invite Button in Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.10A)Added Option to Change Color of attached contact icon on Main Screen (Mod 2.32.2)Fixed Error Sending Videos in Few DevicesFixed White Screen while Attaching Images in Few DevicesOther Fixes
Version 4.81
New Base Updated to 2.16.193Added Disable Calls Specific ContactAdded Ability to see Last Seen in Contacts Tab (Mod All Hidden Features (Video Calls, Group Invite Links)Added Now Contact Page is themed along with Contacts TabAdded Custom Privacy with Global Privacy (eg. Hide for all and same time unhide for a Specific Contact)Added Option to Change Color of Missed Call Icon in Conversation Screen (Mod 1.2.53 to Mod 1.2.55)Added Option to Change Color of Missed Call Icon in Chats Screen (Mod 2.2.31)Added Option to Change Color of Last seen and Online in Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.12 and 2.4.13)Fixed Status Scrolling in Conversation HeaderFixed Hide Notifications (Mod 6.2)Fixed Restore/Backup Data (Mod 6.7)Fixed Custom Wallpaper showing BlackOther Fixes
Version 4.70
New Base Updated to 2.16.133Fixed Backup/RestoreFixed Sending All Types of Documents(Exclusive) Mod 6.10 - Create Shortcut with Your Name (Unlimited Shortcut Icons)Added Option to Change Quoted Message Color (Mod 1.2.49 to Mod 1.2.52)Fixed Cropping/Sending VideoFixed Crash for Custom WallpaperFixed App Lock when Opening from NotificationsFixed Turkish TranslationOther Fixes
Version 4.65
Base Updated to 2.16.95(Exclusive) Ability to send Broadcast Message to 600 Members instead of 250Reply to specific messages in any chat. Just tap and hold on any message and tap the reply button at the top of the screen. You can even tap on the quoted part of the message to scroll up to the original message.Add option 9 to change App LanguageFixed not appear quoted messagesReturn icon info messageFixed appear Initializing... dialogOther Fixes
Version 4.55
Base Updated to 2.16.57(Exclusive) Added Lock password for every chat(Open chat-Options-Lock chat)Added Privacy for every chat(Open chat info-Privacy)Reply to new messages right from notificationsTapping the quick camera button in a chat lets you pick a photo or video from your camera rollPick from a set of solid colors for your chat wallpaperQuickly archive, delete, or mute multiple chats at once. Just tap and hold a chat in the chats tab and tap on other chats to select them.Format text in your messages by surrounding your text with special characters: *bold*, _italics_, or ~strikethrough~Other Fixes
Version 4.40
Base Updated to 2.16.13Fix hide blue ticksAdd icon to translate messages and fixes in translationpossibility of distinguishing between normal media and Broadcast mediaFix incompatibility WhatsApp Wallpaper with GBWhatsAppYou can copy the phone number from profileFix hide last seen when change your nameOther Fixes
Version 4.30
In-App Translator to translate messages to 8 different languages ( supports multiple messages , too )Fix Search Web image (Now directly send image)Add option 1.2.0 for custom wallpaper for each contactAdded Zoom-in for profile pictureImprove GBWhatsApp LockOther Fixes
Version 4.25
Base Updated to 4.12.556Ability to Change Pics from Circular to Square (Mod 6.15 & 6.16)Enabled all types of Documents send (txt, pdf, doc, ppt, xml)Enabled End-to-end Message EncryptionFixed Message not showing in notification barFixed send videosFixed delete video when download videoFixed options 1.2.3 - 1.2.37 - 1.2.38 - 6.1 - 6.6Fix crash Crash when make callIf you cant send messages or images : disable hide blue ticks - Restart - all messages will be sent - Re-Enable hide blue ticksOther Fixes
Version 4.16
Fix send Images and MessagesFix option 1.2.22
Version 4.15
Bring back MOD 1.4 to show profile pics in Conversation Screen rowsFixed MOD 2.2.2 - 1.2.5 - 1.2.6Fix crash Crash when opening conversation - select contact - activating the lock - click on emoji button - make callOther Fixes
Version 4.10
Updated the base to 2.12.453 ( Play Store )Ability to send documentsAdded over 100 new emojiFixed unable to paste texts in "WAMOD" Text-Entry StyleFixed text overlapping icons in "Hangouts" Text-Entry StyleOther fixes
Version 4.05
In-App Translator to translate messages to 8 different languages ( supports multiple messages , too )Added iOS 9.1 new EmojisAdded MOD 1.2.0 with ability to change between 3 different Text-Entry Styles :-
1- Default 2- Hangouts 3- WAMOD
Added MOD 1.2.48 to change color of Text-Entry iconsOther fixes ...( Special thanks to Brian Valente for Text-Entry Styles )
Version 4.00
Show contacts name in whatsapp.logs instead of numbersAdded MOD 6.14 to stop receiving WhatsApp Voice CallsChange color of emojis icons in Emoji bar in Conversation Screen when use MOD 1.2.26Use MOD 6.8 to also delete cache ( Cache & Unnecessary files )Other fixes
Version 3.90
Added FAB in Main ScreenAdded MOD 2.7 to { include many options to customize FAB }Added MOD 6.12 [ Dark Theme for Settings ]Added MOD 6.13 to change color of notification circle color ( In Lollipop )Preview Ticks Styles to choose between them easilyAdded MOD 1.2.46 to change color of voice message playing barAdded MOD 1.2.47 to change color of voice message Play/Pause buttonFixed fail issue in first 100 themes in Themes ServerFixed "data" word appear in media captionOther fixes
Version 3.80
Send more than 10 photos simultaneously from GalleryShow "New" word next to the new themes when added in Themes ServerIncrease caption size of photos/videos from 500 to 3,000 charactersSave previewed photos ( by pressing menu button , then "Download" ) to save it in your device with no need to InternetThemes now updated daily ...Fixes with Contacts profile pics in Conversation ScreenFixed MOD 1.1.12 ( Hide Call Icon )Other fixes
Version 3.70
Bring back MOD 1.4 to show profile pics in Conversation Screen rowsAdded new 9 material iconsAbility to write up to 500 letters facilitated with media instead of 160 lettersAdded MOD 2.5.3 to change the position of Contact Online ToastAdded MOD 1.2.45 to change color of Star icon in Conversation Screen HeaderFixed Crash when opening conversations in some devicesSay goodbye to LAG. Fixed lag issue radically .. No more lags - Super fast !
Version 3.60
Update the base to the latest version ( 2.12.361 ) on Play StoreAbility to star important messages to read it laterAbility to backup your conversations to Google Drive ( may not work )Ability to delete messages according to specific period of time ( older than a month/6 months )Ability to preview links in Conversation ScreenAbility to chat with received attached contact without need to save number in your deviceUnblock Telegram links in Conversation .You know WhatsApp Inc. had blocked telegram links in Conversation ( Non-clickable ) .. Now , Its clickableUpdated translations ( Spanish , Portuguese & Italian )Other fixes
Version 3.20
Add WhatsApp+ widget ( to hide/show your Online status )Add +50 new themes in Themes ServerAbility to preview Contact pic in Conversation Screen Header by pressing on itBug fixes
Version 3.10
Add new MOD 1.4 to put & See profile pics. of contacts in Conversation ScreenAdd MOD 6.11 to disable Heads-Up notification ( In Lollipop )Add MOD 1.4.1 to enable/disable showing contacts pics. in Conversation ScreenAdd MOD 1.4.2 to show contacts pics. in GroupsAdd MOD 1.4.3 to show my profile pic in Conversation ScreenAdd MOD 1.4.4 to show my profile pic in GroupsAdd MOD 1.4.5 to resize profile pics. in Conversation Screen
Version 3.07
Fix Theme ServerMove "Online Toast" to the TopFix Gradient Color for Chats HeaderOther fixes
Version 3.05
Increase sending video limit to 1GBAdd Gradient Color MODS for ( Chats/Conversation/Calls/Contacts Screen )Add MOD 2.1.9 to change color of Tabs Background on Main ScreenAdd MOD 1.2.44 to change color of Delete Button on Emojis HeaderFix Bubbles Style MOD ( Untidy Bubbles )Fix lag issue totally .. App works much faster and smoother than beforeSupport new languages ( Portuguese & Italian )
Version 3.00
Add new widget to hide/show your (last seen) from launcher home screenAdd more than 7 new ticks & bubblesAdd MOD 2.2.31 to change color of "Online" status on Main/ChatsScreenFix Online Status disappearance issue in Conversation ScreenFix Conversation not opening in ("8" gbwhatsapp.log)Other fixes
Version 2.90
Added Theme Server to choose/download/apply themes created by GBWA ThemersSeparated Privacy Mods to be for (Contacts/Groups)Added Mod 6.10 to create a shortcut icon for GBWA (Unread messages counter works on it)Added Mod 1.2.43 to change size of emojis on Conversation ScreenOther fixes
Version 2.80
New option to search images from web in chat (click on menu inside a chat to use it)New option to delete recent emoji list (click on menu inside a chat to use it)New MOD 2.2.22 to hide archived chats footer row in Main ScreenNew MOD 2.2.3 - 2.3.13 -2.4.11 to change Chats/Calls/Contacts Rows SizeNew MOD 6.9 Extended Notification to add message to contact on status bar notificationMod option 6.1 Add new stylesAdd icons without 'GB' in option 6.0Fixed MOD 2.2.2Numbering optionsSupport Indonesian & German languagesSome other bugs fixed
Version 2.70
Base Updated to 2.12.246Per chat custom notification settings and muteMark chats unread or readLower the date usage during WhatsApp calls.Fix a crash when make callOther fixes
Version 2.60
Online Status in chat rows(main-screen)Ability See contact status in conversation screenAdd read gbwhatsapp.log (See who changed his profile pic - Status - Online)Add Options to change the color of General Status in conversation / Online Status in main-screenFix mic circle color option for Lollipop usersSupport Portugal languageOther fixes
Version 2.50
Add Option to change Bubbles Style in Conversation ScreenAdd Option to change Ticks Style in Conversation ScreenAdd Option to change Status-bar Color for Main & Conversation ScreenAdd Option to change Navigation-bar Color for Main & Conversation ScreenAdd Option to change Back Button in Conversation Screen HeaderAdd Option to change Menu Button in Main Screen HeaderAdd Option to change Incoming Calls Icon in Calls ScreenAdd Option to change Missed Calls Icon in Calls ScreenAdd Option to change color of Calls counter in Calls ScreenAdd Option to change Outgoing Calls in Calls ScreenAdd Option to change to Change color of "GBWhatsApp" word in Main Screen HeaderAdd Option to change color of Tap Indicator in Main Screen HeaderAdd Option to change color of "typing ..." in Main ScreenAdd Option to change color of "recording ..." in Main ScreenSupport Spanish & Italian languagesFix transparent Bubbles option not workingFix Option to change color of "Online" word in Conversation Screen Header
Version 2.40
Add an option to disable the keyboard open automatically when you open a new conversationAdd option to Delete Recent EmojisAdd option to restart the programAdd option to change the color of the group nameAdd option to change the color of Blue Double Ticks in conversationsAdd option to change the color of Status Icon in conversationsAdd option to change the color of unread message in conversationsAdd option to change the color of text messages counter in conversations colorFix hide the notifications option (Hide all)Fix option bubble color
Version 2.30
Hide the possibility of notices separately (for groups / contacts / for mute / for all)Add the possibility of work save / restore / share / delete your themeAdd option to delete the Logs of the programAdd WhatsApp official program Icon within the iconsFixed not work option change the iconFixed a crash when you open the phone lock, when a message ReceivingFixed not work the lock when entering of the notices
Version 2.20
Add feature toast contact online (to know who has become connected - who visited your profile)Add option to change the color of bubble ConversationAdd Options to edit the pop-up notices ThemeAdd Options to edit Theme Widgets
Version 2.10
The possibility GBWhatsApp lock passwordAdd option to change the color bar icons chatAdd options to change the size of the Msg,Date in the conversations screenOther fixes
Version 2.05
Fixed collapse when you open imageFixed does not appear some Emoji WA+Fixed work not to change the color names option
Version 2.00
Update to the latest version Released by the company WhatsApp 2.12.170Add more Emoji different colorsThe possibility of pressing status in the Member's profile linksFixed a problem screen appears white and the program stops working
Version 1.90
Add more than 30 the option to edit Theme ConversationThe possibility of click on the links without storing number sender of the message or group ownerFixed a crash problem when you open the program
Version 1.80
The possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and Broadcast messagesFixed a problem of data consumptionAdd option to restore the default settings of the programfix crashIn the event of a Update to upgrade message will not be annoying as before
Version 1.70 Fix
The ability to see the last seen of other conversations ScreenThe possibility of play voice clips without loadingAdd more themes options to change the color icon (video / photo / microphone / audio clip / location) in the conversations screenAdd option to change the color of the last seen in the conversations screenFixed a problem of not only the possibility of sending video to a second oneOther fixes
Version 1.60
The possibility of sending size video 30 MB instead of 16 MBThe possibility of put the case of 250 characters instead of 139 characterschange the view of privacy options (such WhatsApp+)Add option to hide the notifications iconAdd option to put your name instead of 'GBWhatsApp' in chatsFixed crash when restoring datafix some problems that lead to the collapse of the program
Version 1.50
Fix Option Notifybar Icon
Version 1.40
The possibility of sending more than 90 image boost unit instead of 10Add Options for amendment to the Theme List calls (contacts-chats-calls)Fixed GBWA.html file which led to increase the size of the program from 25 to 31Fix the problems
Version 1.30
Added Possibility copy / share photos or video linksAdded option to hide the window share links and Use the preview as before without share menuAdd feature to alert you to last seen when you open a conversationAdd feature to copy GBWhatsApp data and the possibility restore them laterAdded option to hide Emoji WhatsApp+Fixed options do not work (always online / Hide Icon calls)Fixed collapse When you copy a message 2 or moreOther fixes
Version 1.20
Update to the latest version of the site WhatsApp 2.12.87Add WhatsApp+ Emoji in a new boxAdded option to hide the voice recording iconFixed a problem with white window appearanceOther fixes
Version 1.10
Made SMS verification working. Means no hassle to take backup and restore them. Simply install app and add number and verify through sms.The possibility of zoom in / zoom out images personal viewOther fixes
Version 1.5
Fixed option does not work Hide second tickFixed not copying caseThe possibility of identifying part of the messageAdd confirmation window before you call in the call listAdd option to change the program iconAdd option to disable the appearance of a pop-up notices in versions of LollipopOther fixes

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