Reasons Why You Should Avoid Ponzi Programs

Ponzi scheme is one of the most popular and funniest ways of stealing from people around the world.

Right from history, people on the losing side have always be on the large side.

To be frank enough, ponzi schemes have been in existence since 1980s, but today, they have been renovated, with advance tricks and stealing techniques, with flavoured lies.

The main reason why these guys set up these websites is to make sure that they still from people indirectly. With the use of advanced tricks.

Now back to the dark ages, there hasn't been any ponzi scheme that lasted for more than a year in any country. But this guys keep coming up with different names and different stealing techniques.
The name PONZI alone is not LEGAL.

Listed Here Are Some Reasons Why you Should Avoid Ponzi
1. No Legal Law or Legal Licence
Participating in any ponzi program have always been of users responsibility and risks.
No country will formally accept the responsibility of it's citizens participation in any ponzi program.

In a more simple way, ponzi programs are not approved by the government and its always at your own risk if you participate.

2. The Owners Are Faceless
In most cases, the owners of those websites are fraudsters, their identity is not known.
They make use of Internet names to defraud people. So tell me if you are scammed how are you going to get to them and get back your money?
3. No Service is Rendered.
Come to think of this, no service is rendered yet they promise you high returns like 100%, 200%,  50% and so on. Where do you think this funds are generated from?
Simply pay me I pay you with interest business.
No, buying, no selling and no service is rendered so it's impossible.

In general, their main ideology is to make money by every means. So they open whenever they want and can close up whenever they want. They are a group of mere yahoo guys.
So look for something meaningful and engage yourself with, stop losing your hard earned life savings!

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