Hot Selling Cryptocurrencies You Should Trade in 2018 and Make Huge Gain

Recently, there has been a great positive shift in the digital world that makes almost everyone want to own some forms of digital assets or the other.

Bitcoin, which is believed to be the father of all cryptos has experience an outstrageous growth over the years, this makes investors who took advantage of its early age and invest in it to turn multimillionares over night.
Not withstandinng, Bitcoin is still the biggest cryptocurrency by far with market value exceeding 250 billion Dollars, and is expected to reachh even greater heights in months to come.

Since bitcoin has already open the eyes of so many people about the importance of digital assets, and has already grown outstrrageuosly over the years, here are some other coins you might want to look at. They could make you millions in the nearest future. You can buy all of them and keep  from websites like Bitsane and others.


Ripple is a new coin created by the Bitcoin Exchange MT, reached 35000 percent during 2017, way higher than the 1200 percent of Bitcoin.
That means that an hundred dollars invested in ripple in January 2017 would turn to about 35000 dollars at the start of this year.
         This coin would become even more valuable if Coinbase would accept it on its exchange as rumor holds.


Nem was launched in 2015. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform, used in a commercial blockchain called Mijin, tesred mainly in Japan by private iinstitutions and private companies.
    Percentage gain in 2017: about 29000 percent trading price from last year's statistics.


This asset was released in early 2014. Stellar comes in at number 3 in terms of percentage growth in 2017.
in October 2017, Stellar and IBM entered into a deal aimed at improving the speed of global payments.

    Percentage gain in 2017: close to 14000 percent trading price.


Dash was first launched as Xcoin in early 2014, got its name in march 2015. It offers instant transacttions, which means that  trades done with Dash gets cornfirmedc in seconds, whereas Bitcoin transactions can take upto 10 mins to get confirmed.

      Perceentage gain in 2017: abouut 9300 percent trading price.


Ethereuum's maiin aim is to operate Smart Contracts insteead of acting as a form of money as Bitcoin
   Smart Contracts are script of code that can be deployed in Ethereum block chain. 

Percentage gain in 2017: about 9,200% trading price. 
Introduced in October 2011.
Litcoin is about the six largest Cryptocurrencies and is very similar to Bitcoin. 

Percentage gain in 2017: about 4,800% 

Cardona was found in 2014 and began trading in Bitrex exchange in Octer 2017
IOTA was introduced in June 2017. With a market cap of about $11.19 billion, it is the ninth largest Cryptocurrency. 

Percentage gain in 2017: over 450 percent trading price. 

This is based on Ethereum and is designed to store data and content so the internet can be centralized. This means that content is not only simply stored, but controlled. 
Facebook, Google and Amazon use this type of servers. 
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