Security Measures That You Must Put in Place To Secure Your Digital Assets

The online and the digital world is becoming more and more exposed as day goes by just as the physical world we are living in.The ONLINE WORLD is becoming popular than ever. And Cryptocurrencies is gaining values more than every other type of assets.

     So as much as these points are noted, I have listed some modalities or security measures that will help secure your online accounts from hackers and cyber criminals.

You should note very well that the digital currencies are not like fiat currencies or paper money, hence it's transactions is swift, taking micro and nano seconds. It is by far the fastest means of transaction.
Most importantly, it's transacttions are not reversible, which means, once your assets and funds are sent out of your wallet they are gone for ever, and there will be nothing done to bring it back.

So while managing your online digital accounts, extra care must be taken in order not to loose your funds.
I have listed out some points that I think will be helpful to you.

  • Create a Secure Password That is not Easy to Guess

The first step you should take to securing your online accounts is to create a very strong password that is not easy to guess.

Your password should be a combination of special characters, upper case alphabets lower case alphabets and numbers. By creating this type of password, it will be difficult even for your closest person to guess. Avoid using passwords like birth dates and phone numbers or nick names because they are very easy to guess.

  • Create a hard Wallet for Your Accounts
Your computer system could be turned into a wallet for storing all your digital assets.
By doing this, you set aside a computer system only just for storing your digital assets, the system is not connected to the internet or doing other suspicious tasks that may impose virus on your system which may lead to damaging of your the system. Or pruning the system to hackers who may hack your accounts and forfeit your earnings.

  • Enabling SMS Notification and 2-Factor Authenticator
Enabling SMS notification for your online accounts is one of the ways to keep them safe.
For instance, if a hacker penetrates on your account, a code will be sent to your phone number which you used to verify your account, which must be entered into the website to approve the log on.

By doing this, the exchange company wants to be sure its you who are trying to access your account.

          Similarly, a more secure method is enabling the 2-factor authentication for your accounts. That is, Google Authenticator or Auth.

These two are the most commonly used among the rest. Once you have enabled 2 factor authentication for your account, you will always need to login to your authenticator app to get a code to log into your desired account.

 With 2-FA, your account will be more secured and protected for cyber criminals to penetrate, because you will always need a code from your authenticator app before you could log into your account.
So with this, even if hackers want to hack your account , it will still not be easy for them as the website would ask them to enter a code from your authenticator app which the scammer does not have access to.

But to make sure that your account is safe, you must keep the device that bears your 2-FA app safe.
If you want to format your phone make sure to disable the 2FA option before doing so.
The reason is because after formatting your phone, the information stored  in the authentication app and the app itself will be lost. Downloading another one would not help.
So login in to your accounts would be a problem as you have lost the authentication app or account to which you connected your account to.

In this this case, you will need to write severally to support.
if care is not taken, you can loss your account  and the funds there in.

  • Keep your Private Key Safe 
Some cryyptocurrency contractors and wallet providers do no longer keep their costumer private keys and passwords.

They now believe cryptocurrencies is for the smart guys.

So for that fact you have to keep your private keys and passwords secured.
You can write them down on a paper and save it properly.

Because there might not be any way to reset your password or regain your private keys, which will lead to total forfeiture of your account and loss of funds.

so you must be careful with your password, Private keys, Mnemonic phrase and other vital information  which you need to pen down. Remember, short penciling is better than long memory.

  • Do Not Save Your Password on Online Accounts

Your credentials like passwords, Mnemonic phrase and private keys are not to be saved online.
In fact don't save your credit card number, banking password, online account password and every other important credentials on online accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Account.

The reason is because if your online account is hacked, there is that tendency also of loosing your funds.
The best way of saving your wallet password is having it backed up and saving it offline.

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