How To Get Free Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies Without Buying Them

Ways You Can Get Cryptocurrencies For Free

It is very possible to get some free Cryptocurrencies, but the chances are narrowed.

These digital currencies are not only assets, but are the next big thing!

It is something everyone would be talking about soon.

It is a simple commodity that could make anyone rich.
Especially those that are always lucky enough to opt in in the early stages.

Unfortunately, prices of these assets are now very high due to the rate at which new investors are involving.

Thus, it becomes difficult to an ordinary man to get involved!

But nevertheless, there are ways one can get free Cryptocurrencies
It is through:

> Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
The most simplest and legit way to get free Cryptocurrencies is through ICO.
Far back in 2012 and 2013 when bitcoin did not gain ground, some of its coins or token were given free to the users who it as an opportunity that will make them rich.

Sadly enough, not everyone grab this opportunity, it was only a few people.

Today that amount of coin that they were given in form of Airdrop could be sold for millions of dollars if it had not been sold out.

Then bitcoin was sold around $0.07/coin
Lets assume you collected 5 Bitcoin as Airdrop and bought 5 Bitcoin at $1.5 per coin
The cost of the 5 BTC bought will be $1.5 × 5= $7.5
Now you get 5 BTC at $7.5 plus the 5 BTC you got as Airdrop.

There the total coin you get = 10 BTC
Total cost = $7.5
Now let's do the maths
Today, as at the time of writing this post, Bitcoin is sold above $8000

So assuming you are selling out your 10 BTC at $8000 each, this will be
$8000 × 10 = $80000
Minus the total cost of 7.5 dollars
=> $80000 - $7.5 = $79992.5
Let's say you subscribed data of $50 during the ICO.
This will become $79992.5 - $50 = $79942.5

Now it implies that total gain will at least $79942, isn't that a big money?
Compared to people that got 20 to 30 BTC.

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Now the question would be

The answer is simple.
But sadly Bitcoin would never offer such opportunity again. As it is already an asset in the digital market with the highest Coin Market Cap.

Airdrop is simply a way inventors distribute their token to their users free of charge and encourage them to invite more customers to them.

So in other to gain these free coins, you would have to look for new crypto companies and register, perform some simple task which could range from performing some social tasks like commenting on groups to inviting people in.
Then when the ICO is complete you will be offered free tokens which you can then sale for cash.

It is one of the best ways to get free cash, it is that simple!

But the downside of it is that it takes a while sometimes before these tokens gain market value.

So to make it big in this area, you'll need to fill out a lot of Airdrop forms, as you don't know what would make you rich.
It could be the least, which was ignored!

Just try everything you could, if you don't gain from one, then definitely you'll gain from the other...

If you try persistently, you'll definitely get some free Cryptocurrencies and tokens free without any cost or initial investment.

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