How To Buy Bitcoin Legally Using Your Nigerian Bank Account

One of the biggest problems that new start ups and small scale retail traders are facing in the crypto-currency market is how to buy these assets themselves from accredited  dealers at a cheaper rate without being scam.

Overtime, the rate of scam reports in a bid to get crypto-currencies have undoubtedly increased. Cyber criminals are taking it as a way to make fast money, by duping ew investors who are not tech-savvy.

In a bid to reduce this lose, the Digital Vibes Pro team have always be on deck to create balances digitally.
this time, we have come up with a new article, HOW TO BUY BITCOIN IN NIGERIA USING YOUR NIGERIAN BANK ACCOUNT.

Luno is one and of course most reliable smart currency exchange platform in Nigeria.
Their many years of delivering uninterrupted customer satisfactory business can prove this.

From the Luno website, you will see this.

Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in Nigeria.
Before being able to buy bitcoin, you should do these 3 things;

1. Create an Account:
The first step you have to take towards buying bitcoin and other digital currencies from Luno is to sign up on the website. 
Only few details are required here. 
Make sure to save your password for future use. 

2. Fund your Account:
After you have created a new account, the next step is to send money into your account. You can do that using your credit card or debit card. You can do bank transfer as well. Just choose the one that is convenient to you. 
The step is incredibly easy to get through. 

3. Finally, Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum:
Immediately after you have funded your account, place a purchase request, that is, you have to show your interest that you want to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum and your account would be deposited within hours. 
It usually takes 24 to 48 hours or the next 1 to 2 working days during weekends. 

Interesting Thing About Luno and the Reasons You Should Choose Them:

1. Luno is Trusted and Accredited:
The Luno exchange platform is an accredited platform that have existed for years and have operated in many countries of the world. 

Their services are trusted and as well testified by many. So if you are buying from Luno, you have nothing to worry about. 

2. Efficient and Secured: the Luno platform is secured so you have nothing to lose or be afraid of when making payments on their website. They also show a great level of efficiency in their transactions. 

3. Swift Support Services:
Their support service is swift and super fast. They respond to customers issues and queries effectively and efficiently. 

4. Fast And Easy to Fund 
Funding of accounts have been simplified with Luno and the process is fast. It does not requires anything than selecting your payment method, the amount to be paid and within a short time the funds would be credited.

With this, I think that funding your account and buying bitcoin and other digital currencies would not be a problem again.
The easiest way to buy  and 

 makes it safe and easy to buy, store and  about digital currencies like  and  in 

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