How To Mine Bitcoin With Your Laptop And Make Money

As Digital Currencies are getting more popular as day goes by, there is a long queue by so many new internet users in a bid to understand and interpret the the blockchain technology.  How it works.

Minig Bitcoin and other digital currencies have not been easy, but in this post I am going to write a very simple way you can easily mine bitcoin with your laptop computer and transfer the funds into your bank account, doing almost nothing. But first,

what is is an url shortening website and an advertising website that pays you money when you shorten a link and make someone click on it.It is an easy way of making money.
It was developed by European based young internet enthusiasts that came together to create a legit and better way to earn money online.
The importance of shortening url
includes; it makes sharing of link more easier. It makes it easier for links to get traffic because people are more likely to visit a shortened and unique url. Shortened urls is also useful in search engine optimization.
Importance of shortening url
Shortening urls can be another useful tool for making money. You may want to minimize your website with it.
You do this by sending out your shortened urls so that any traffic that clicks through the shortened url you get paid. You can also make money shortening urls without a website.

This you do by shortening any word or any link and sharing the link with your friends via Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter and any other social media sites.

How to mine bitcoin with miner app
This is the point in which this article is centered on.

Besides the other amazing features of, one of the most important and interesting thing about this site is the ability to mine digital currencies. 
Mining Bitcoin with The Miner App is what I want to talk about here. 
The process is quite simple, but you have to take necessary precautions and follow all steps accordingly in order to maximize your chances of earning.

Signing up on the Website the first thing to do is to sign up with on their official website. Using your name and email address. The email should be a working email address. Fill out the online application form provided to you correctly and submit. Next step is Downloading the Miner App 
For you to start mining using the miner software, you will need to download it on your computer system. Unfortunately, it can not work with mobile devices because it uses the CPU and the GPU of laptop computer devices to execute this process.
And it works only on high end devices, the process is somewhat complex so it does not just work on any device.
After downloading the software, extract it and install it on your computer system. Allow it to run at startup and in background and you are good to go.
Next is how to get your payments.

Payment Methods nining program pays in 3 different ways.
1. PayPal
2. WebMoney
3. Payoneer.
Your mined credit is credited in dollars. And you can only withdraw with either PayPal, WebMoney or Payoneer.
With Paypal and Payoneer, you need a minimum of $5 to cash out, but with Webmoney, you need $20 to cashout.

So with this, you can mine Bitcoin and get it into your wallets.

How much can I mine per month:
The amount you will mine per month is not fixed, and is dependent on the work done by the GPU and or the CPU of your computer system. 
You can mine anything from $40 to $80 per month depending on the efficiency of the processor of your laptop computer. 

Lets see other benefits of program. 
Besides the Mining aspect of this website, here is other ways of making money off it. 
1. Make Money From Shortened URLS:
This is one of the most interesting and popular ways of making money from website. You simply shorten a link and share it with your friends or on your blog, you get paid for every single click that you drive to the website through your link. Every 1000 clicks is about $10 to $15 depending. 
So if you could get 10,000 clicks per month calculate how much you would be making, without spending any dime, and doing almost nothing. 

Referral Program:
Their referral program is super encouraging and easy to do too. 
You only have to share your referral link and every one that sign up through your link, you are entitled to receive 20% of their monthly earnings for life. Just share your referral link and let the magic be done for you.

What Makes Unique and Different from other Websites? 

Here are some of the features that makes it unique and recommended as compared to other programs.
1. Multiple Ways of Making Money. The website have a variety and easy ways for everyone to make money online. This includes 
1. Mining digital currencies with your computer system 
2. Making money by shortening URL
3. Referral services 
4. Affiliate program and a host of other services. 
This makes it easy to earn from the website and reach the payout threshold fast. 

2. The Payout Threshold is easy to meet. 
This is one of its features that makes it the best. The minimum pay out rate is easy to reach. $5 to $20 payout rate depending on the payment method you choose, which might be either PayPal, Payonner or WebMoney. 

3. Publication of Quality Contents have always promise to publish only quality contents and useful articles that conveys meaning to your web visitors. They don't publish adult contents and other rubbish. 
This makes the website looks clean and compelling for your readers to always come back. 

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