Bitcoin Likely To Crash?

Is Bitcoin really crashing?
Many people especially those who are just new in the business, provided were introduced by someone who told them only the good in it, are finding it very difficult to comprehend this kind of situation.

The question they're really asking is "is bitcoin really crashing"?

Sometimes they don't really get the right answer to this question. 

They might think Bitcoin or the entire Cryptocurrencies is just a PONZI scheme that one man could dream of and just wake up and build it up, out of personal interest and start collecting people's money and shut it down anytime he feels like.

No, Bitcoin isn't just that!
It is money. 
Just like your normal money you use in your daily transactions.
But the difference is that it is held and spent electronically. It is not paper money. 
That is why it is called digital currency.

So bitcoin can not just crash! 
Remember what happened last year and early this year. 
I remember buying bitcoin this year around February something around $13k.
But last year December it was almost $20k per coin. 
Anyway, but it rose from somewhere to that point.

Ealier last year, the price was even something less than the current price we have today, before it finally got to that point it was.

So don't panic, Bitcoin can't crash. But it can always dip, or even depreciate.

But sometimes, the fall is normal in order to correct the excessive rise. And this fulfilled the saying that "what goes up most surely come down".

December last year, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies experienced the greatest height in its lifetime.

So how do we do? Wait until December?
Yes wait. Because every other person is waiting too. 
But something might not really happen. 
It might take a while to correct itself. 
This stuff have a kind of falling and correction policy. 

What to do? Sell out or HODL? 

Well, the condition is self determination. 
The truth is that you don't know what would happen next.

To, me, I HODL. Because I have already lost 3/4%. So the 1% left isn't anything to me. 
But for some, I think they have lost also nothing less than 70 to 80%. 
But to save yourself of the remaining 20%, you can sell; it all depends on how it's affecting you.
My advice is, do not always trade with cash so crucial to you. Or money you borrowed.
Always do with spare cash especially if you want to do long term trading. But if short term trade, it's OK.

Always create a stop lost line. This bullish trend is sometimes deficult to understand. 
Trade courteously.
Beware of scams and cyber fraud cases also. 
Together we'll all make it.

Guys are making it very large in this business. 
So you too can, just be wise and careful. 

Are you new to bitcoin? 
Want to get bitcoin cheap? 
Or need more help to get started? Don't hesitate to contact me or drop your comments! 
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